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Entrepreneur Renu Shirurkar Took Us For A Dream Career Ride In A Classboat

Hop on Classboat to reach your career dream destination.‘Follow your passion,’ is what most of the mentors keep telling me over the years, but nobody has ever told me how to go about it. Renu Shirurkar and Chaitanya Salgarkar have taken the initiative. They have started a platform to connect students and teachers of various skills, giving an opportunity to thousands for building a life they dream.

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Here are the 4 Startups selected for pune MIT’s Edugild accelerator programme

 Pune-based engineering college, MIT has announced that they have selected four startups in the education vertical for its accelerator program, Edugild.
One out of the four Edugild shortlisted startup ClassBoat is currently Pune based, which is entirely skill focused platform, helps students to find classes, like film making, language learning,sports and many more in a particular city. It part

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Cisco has come together with Edugild, to support Edtech startups.

As a part of the collaboration, Cisco would consider guiding the startups accelerated at Edugild with technology roadmaps and beta testing wherever such facilities are available. On a need basis, the collaboration will bring together mentors with passion in edtech space and leverage their networks to popularize the cause.

Edugild is India's first edtech accelerator, set up by the MIT and it

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EdTech Entrepreneurship starts a war 2016.

Digital tools strengthen ways for students to gain creativity, express themselves, and develop self interface EdTech content.A hangout of hobbies becoming serious learning will be the next level success for EdTech in 2016.A company named ClassBoat, which helps learns to connect to all forms of creative development other than academic pursuits.

Traction for such initiatives will always have

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The Edugild accelerated company - 'Classboat' from Pune,helps students find and choose best classes in the city.

The Edugild accelerated company ClassBoat enables you to sail through the ocean of possibilities while you fish new skills and groom your talent to fulfill your dreams. Whether you want to learn art, dance, cooking, management, or even paragliding, all you need to do is visit this website
You will get all the classes in your city at

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Cisco collaborates with EDUGILD to support EdTech Startups.

Cisco has collaborated with EDUGILD, India’s first EdTech accelerator, to explore opportunities in supporting startups in this domain.As a part of the collaboration, Cisco would guide the startups accelerated at EDUGILD with technology roadmaps and beta testing, wherever such facilities are available in India.

On a need basis, the collaboration will bring together mentors in edtech space a

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Pune-based MIT starts India's first education focused accelerator programme, Classboat is the one among the 4 shortlisted start-ups.

Edugild will be among the few accelerator programmes in India which is vertical focused.In its first year, the programme received applications from 300 entrepreneurs' focused on the education sector from all over India. Of these, Edugild has selected four companies for its accelerator programme.

The shortlisted start-ups include Pune-based Classboat, Bangalore-based Instafeez, Delhi-based S

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Classboat - Part Of India's 1st Ed-Tech Accelerator Program.

EDUGILD is an India's First EdTech Startup Accelerator with an exclusive focus on EdTech which is founded by Maharashtra Institute of Technology ( MIT) Pune.

It offer a 16-week intensive mentorship and product realization program to the EdTech start-ups in the world. EDUGILD’s vision is to EMPOWER LEARNING, it currently houses four startups working in different areas in

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