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The following describes the terms on which ClassBoat offers you access to our services.


Classboat is a Career Exploration Platform that is helping students to explore the skill-based careers, which can make them employable, self-employed or accelerate in their existing careers.

In Classboat, we try to reduce the time to revenue of educators by curating the learners for them. Through Classboat educators reach a wider market, which traditional marketing method fall short of reaching.

For educators and Instructors, visibility on Classboat helps generate student enquiries.


This document covers the terms and conditions under which these services are provided. The terms " Classboat " used in this document refers to Classboat Online Services Pvt. Ltd


Your registration as a subscriber of Classboat Online Services Pvt. Ltd. or the use of any of the features and services on Classboat, either as a registered member, User of Classboat Lighthouse Portal, a third party leads integrator or as a visitor constitutes automatic acceptance of these terms and conditions.

By accessing or using the Sites, Content, or Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions of Classboat.com, do not register and you will not be authorized to use Classboat.com services.

Through the use of this site or Classboat Services, you agree to hold Classboat.com harmless and its sponsors, owners, shareholders or employees against any claims.

You are responsible for safeguarding the password that you use to access the Sites, LMS Lighthouse App, Web Portal of LMS, Content and Services. You agree not to disclose your password to any third party. You agree to take sole responsibility for any activities or actions under your password, whether or not you have authorized such activities or actions.


Classboat reserves the right to update the terms, conditions and notices of this agreement without notice to you. It is your responsibility to periodically review the most current version of this Agreement.

Classboat reserves the right to update, change, modify, add or remove the terms, conditions and notices of the Agreement without any prior notice to you. It is your responsibility to periodically review the most current version of the Agreement as your continued use of this Platform signifies your acceptance of any changed terms. As long as you comply with these Terms & conditions, we grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to enter and use the website and its services. If following any such change or modification you continue to use the Website or Content or subscribe to our lead packages, you will be deemed to have accepted those changes or modifications.

Classboat Usage Policy- For Students:

Classboat displays various career options on its platform Classboat.com and you can enquire about those courses on its portal by giving your basic information such as Name, Email, Mobile Number, Education and any other specific details.

Classboat runs various advertisements on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and its Content Display Networks to make students aware about various career options available. You can enquire about you can enquire about those course on its portal by giving your basic information such as Name, Email, Mobile Number, Education and any other specific details

By giving information on Classboat’s Portal or in any of its advertisement or lead forms of Facebook student adheres to the terms and conditions of usage of that marketing portal as well as the terms and conditions of Classboat.com mentioned on this page.

To provide the right career options based on students need, Classboat has to process the information through systems, its algorithms and through human calling.

The information provided by the students on Classboat or on any of its advertisement will be used to send the promotional messages of Classboat and its partnered educators

Classboat earns it income by connecting the students with educators in the form of student enquiries, so once the Classboat algorithms decides the student need is appropriate to institute’s course offerings then Classboat will send the student information to the selected educator in the form of enquiry on their LMS portal, or on any other communication applications such as Lighthouse, whatsapp or on SMS messaging services.

Classboat will not be able to make sure any data leakage regarding students information from Educator’s side as its does not have control on their usage of the information.

While using Classboat sites, services Student MUST not:

Provide false information or misleading information

Use offensive language towards company, its employees or services

Classboat Usage Policy- For Educators:

By Subscribing/Purchasing/Enrolling your Lead packages with Classboat you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Kindly clarify your doubts before you make a payment towards Classboat Packages written on email at support@classboat.com ONLY and not through any verbal communications with Sales Employees or Customer Services Staff; When you feel Sales employees seem over committing then get a written consent from the employee from official Classboat email ID ONLY (i.e support@classboat.com) ;Once a payment is made, it cannot be refunded.

Before availing any of our lead packages – Revenue Accelerator, Lead maximiser, Walk-in Guarantee, Sponsored Listing, Branding Package and Banner Ad, kindly understand the benefits the packages offer. The payment made for any of our packages is non-refundable.

Classboat will primarily share enquiries on LMS Lighthouse web portal of Classboat, Educators are expected to check the LMS multiple times during any day to check the new enquiries coming in inside the LMS portal

Any communications with Classboat Individual sales employees, Customer Executives through MOUs, email commitments will not be considered valid unless the formal approval is been received from support@classboat.com email.

All the Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page will precedence over any other Terms and Conditions mentioned in Business Proposals, MOU or in an email except from the support@classboat.com confirmations

Classboat allows educator to add as many keywords as possible in their package. However we are no way bound to give specific number of enquiries for particular keywords amongst all of the keywords given by the educator

In case the number of leads in the package could not be delivered by Classboat in pre decided time (exceptional cases, with written approval from support@classboat.com) then in that case educator have the freedom to add additional keywords in the same package. CLASSBOAT FOLLOWS NO REFUND POLICY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Educators have a stop loss feature available to them so they can stop and resume their services anytime based on their needs.

Classboat could not control the student demand in the market and hence the lead flow cannot be controlled. Classboat in any way does not commit the time period in which the leads will be delivered to the educators. For some courses the demand is high from the students while for the others the demand is very less hence could take comparatively much longer time to deliver the leads.

The student lead location might be the city different from the institute’s physical location city. Institute will receive such lead only when the student is ready to explore the courses in the city where the institute is located, this might be the same city of the institute or may be different institutes.

Those institutes which has shown interest in online coaching then for those institutes, leads will be delivered from across India or global leads as online coaching can be provided beyond the geographies.

Classboat will do every attempt to avoid technical glitches, bugs in its LMS web portal or Lighthouse App, but in unforeseen circumstances it may cause some technical

Constantly monitoring the leads in LMS Lighthouse portal or on Lighthouse App is the sole responsibility of the educators ONLY. Any unseen leads will get auto accepted after 2 working days after sending them in LMS portal or in App.

Classboat will always try to deliver exceptional Customer Service through additional measures which are beyond mentioned in the package such as forming personalised WhatsApp groups with institute councillor, taking institute councillors in conference calls, sharing the call recordings etc. In normal circumstances, Classboat very much intends to deliver exceptional services, however during any of the unusual circumstances, such as “Act Of God” e.g flood, fire, any other emergency situations Classboat may change the scope of services. For Example: if the Classboat’s commitment is to provide walk-in of the students and if students could not do the Walk-in due to unforeseen events or due to “Act Of God” then instead of Walk-in Classboat it will send extra leads to cover that gap. Sending extra leads is the only remedy Classboat could do as it provides only lead based services. The Cost of each walking is considered 500Rs Approx and cost of each lead is 250Rs then 2 leads will be sent instead of one walk-in.

Classboat DOES NOT provide Admission Guarantee, however in only exceptional circumstances if it has been committed on invoice or through official email (support@classboat.com). In normal circumstances, Classboat very much intends to deliver exceptional services, however during any of the unusual circumstances, such as “Act Of God” e.g flood, fire, any other emergency situations Classboat may change the scope of services. For Example: Instead of admissions it can change the scope to lead maximiser package and give an unrestricted leads for the period of one year from the date of subscription.

If institute’s package contains payment installments then it is COMPULSORY to pay all of the payment installments, irrespective of the Institute’s perception about the service after paying first instalment. We constantly refine the campaigns and its a very much iterative process, so basing your decisions of paying next instalment MUST NOT be on the experience immediately after paying your first installment. In case institute refuses to pay the subsequent instalment then the leads committed in entire package will NOT be delivered on pro rata basis. The cost of lead for smaller package(less than 50k INR) is atleast 70% higher compared to the premium packages (above 50K INR). In case of refusal of the subsequent instalments, Classboat may immediately terminate the services with that particular institute or may charge 70% higher Cost per lead for the pro rated amount which is been paid as a part of the package.

The maximum duration between two installments of the package can not be more than 60 working days. In case the second installment payment is made after the 60 working days after the first installment then the initial offer made in the proposal or MOU will no longer be valid and a seperate invoice will be produced for the second installment with new committed leads.

Stop Loss services is eligible only in the regular package and its regular services, in case there is a special mutual arrangement is made between institute and Classboat related to leads, in such scenarios stop loss service is not applicable and lead flow could not be stopped once started from Classboat.

If any of the educators Accept the lead in LMS Portal, APP or through Email with or without accepting the Usage Agreement Policy then it would be taken as their ACCEPTANCE of the Terms and Conditions of the Usage Agreement

Definition of incorrect lead:

Student did not show interest in the course offered by your institute. This does not mean the student must show interest in your institute. Classboat curates the lead based on interest and not on the basis of Institute.

Definition of Verified lead:

Student who are interested in exploring or understanding more about the courses offered by educators institute.

Definition of Assisted Walk-in:

Classboat will suggest the student to walk-in to your particular institute over a call or through some electronic medium. This does not guarantee the student will do confirmed walk-in. Institute counselor will have the responsibility towards follow up of the students.

Definition of Scheduled Walk-in:

Classboat will ask the suitable time to the students for walk-in to your institute and will suggest the date suggested by institute. This does not guarantee the student will do confirmed walk-in. Institute counselor will have the responsibility towards follow up of the students.

Lead Generation Activities of Classboat:

Classboat uses various channels and methods for generating the student enquiries for educators. Classboat in not anyway confirms that Classboat will be able to share which campaigns are running for any institute at ant point of time.

Webinars, Seminars or any other tie up activities with in or with colleges and universities are in no way a branding activity for a particular institute and are career awareness activities only. These activities may happen online or an offline based on research conducted by the Classboat campaign manager.

Classboat is only committed to giving the verified enquires to educators and not in anyway commit any other activities such as conducting webinars, seminars or demos on behalf of educators. Any such verbal commitments if done by any of the sales representatives of the Classboat should be immediately reported and an appropriate action will be taken against the executive.

Classboat DOES NOT GUARANTEE ANY ADMISSIONS to the educators except in certain situations where it has been written committed ONLY from and official email ID support@classboat.com

Replacement of the Enquiries:

Lead replacement MUST be done through Lighthouse CRM provided by Classboat. Classboat will not accept Excel or email or any other form of lead replacement communication.

Maximum up to 5% of the total lead sent will be considered as a Replacement lead. If the lead replacement is higher than 5% of the total lead sent then those leads will be considered under Accepted leads. Classboat uses filtering mechanism based on certain criteria such as willingness of student to explore the course. Conversion of the leads to admission is not a responsibility of the Classboat. Every lead generated by Classboat has a cost associated with it, hence if it comes to Classboat notice that if some educator is exploiting the policy by placing verified leads as replacements then Classboat may limit, suspend or terminate educator’s lead services and user accounts for that particular educator, prohibit access to our sites and their content, services, delay or remove hosted content without any notice.

Classboat recommends to take the first follow up of the leads at least in 24Hrs after passing of the leads as the students are eagerly waiting for the call from institutes. If the Institute does not call the lead for two working days then the lead may get auto accepted in the LMS portal of the customer and then they will not be able to replace those leads. Any replacement requests thereafter will not be entertained.

Classboat will verify the Replacement enquiries of the Educators and check its validity; in case Classboat observed that the replacement enquiries are incorrect and not in line with the “Incorrect lead Definition” then it will be considered as the abuse of Replacement feature of the Classboat and Without limiting other remedies, we may limit, suspend or terminate our service and user accounts for that particular educator, prohibit access to our sites and their content, services, delay or remove hosted content, and take technical and legal steps to keep users off the sites and LMS if we think that they are creating problems or possible legal liabilities.

For the convenience of the educator, we sometime share the leads with educators on whatsapp or on SMS, however any updates related to those leads MUST happen on LMS web portal or Lighthouse App. Any comments given on whatsapp or on LMS portal will not be considered valid. If those leads are not updated on LMS with in two working days then those may get auto accepted and any replacement requests thereafter will not be entertained.

Communications and Customer Services:

During any crisis situations, Classboat could reduce its manpower in the Customer Services department, hence educators should not expect the calls will be attended every time the call been made to the executive. Direct Customer executive/Relationship manager access is given as a privilege feature only and is applicable only in packages above 350000Rs memberships; partial payment customers does not get the Direct Customer Executive access, however for the utmost satisfaction of the customers Classboat does every effort such as forming whatsapp groups with the counselor or send student call recordings etc., though such facilities are provided for Customer Satisfaction, they are given as Complimentary to some clients and are not included in the package. These facilities can be taken away without any notice. Hence Educators are requested to use customer communication email provided in our contact us section as the major source of communication with Classboat executives.

In case of any abusive language towards our customer executives, could lead to a termination of package on an immediate basis without any Refund, irrespective of how much services are remaining in existing package.

Classboat does not use any official call recording mechanism to record the calls with institutes or students, hence any verbal communications made by executives or counselors will NOT BE CONSIDERED VALID for the services scope.

For any communications related to your subscription of the packages, invoice related matters, Service History, Lead Replacements, Service Pause, any concerns related to services or Renewals of the Services should be made on the Customer Care email ID of the Classboat on support@classboat.com. Any communication made other that these numbers and emails will be considered as invalid.

Don’t believe on any verbal commitments made by the sales executives and get a written or email approval from the executives through an official email ID support@classboat.com ONLY.

Service Pause Communications:

For "Service Pause" a formal communication is required on support@classboat.com about the approximate period for which you are interested in pausing your services, Pause time, Resume back date need to be communicated on the same email id.

Lead package services can be paused only upto the duration of 3 months maximum, however it can extend upto 6 months with a prior email approval received only from support@classboat.com and not from any other executives email address or from any other whatsapp or sms communication with customer executives or sales employees.

If there is no formal email from educator's email if about pausing the service for particular duration then the service will be considered as "Active" and the leads will be sent on the LMS portal of Classboat.

Since Classboat executives works on a rolling basis for different educators, Any communication with the particular service executives verbally, or on whatsapp or on sms messages will not be considered valid unless there is a formal request to pause the services (or any other request whatsoever) on support@classboat.com

Office Address Changes and any Postal Communications:

Classboat uses Hot desk facilities at different premises and had an earlier address located at:

Office No 622,Siddharth Tower No 1, S No 12 3 B, Near Vasan Eye Hospital, off Maharshi Karve Road, Kothrud, Paschimanagri, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038, India.

Classboat does not provide onsite or in office support as its executives work from home and various locations which could change periodically. However it has an updated registered address with Registrar of Companies-Ministry of Corporate Affairs and any postal communication could be made on registered office address.

Classboat support educators through online way; , you are requested to reach us on Customer Care email id at support@classboat.com for any of the queries related to subscription of the packages, Service History, Lead Replacements, technical issues related to Lighthouse App, invoicing, LMS, Integrations, Service Pause, any concerns related to services or Renewals of the Services.

Please take a note that Phone support is not valid for the all packages of Classboat, hence you are requested to make an email communication on the above mentioned email addresses for any urgent issues. In normal scenarios, email response time will be 48/72 Hrs, as the Customer executive will need to do a due diligence and investigation related to your queries and student enquiries. However during the emergency situations, it can take up to two weeks due to reduced man power and working from Home conditions

Force Majeure:

Classboat will be not be liable for breach of this terms of use to the extent caused by or arising from prohibition or restriction by law or regulation or any government, fire, flood, storms, weather, strike, lock-out or other labour problems, accident, riots, acts of God or any other events which is beyond its control.

Privacy Policy:

Classboat is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of any personal information that it may request and receive from its clients, business partners and other users of the Website.

You hereby confirm and acknowledge that the contact details and other details provided by you to Classboat will be used and forwarded by Classboat to the respective advertiser for which call or enquiry has been made by you.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

This terms of use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws in India. Any dispute arising hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Pune, India.

Limitation of Liability:





By accessing or using the Sites, Content, or Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service

If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions of Classboat.com, do not register or subscribe to our packages and services

Please exit Classboat.com site or lighthouse LMS Web Portal or APP, if you don't agree to the terms contained in this Policy.